With Site Visibility, Samsara makes it easy for customers to have a 360-degree view of their...

With Site Visibility, Samsara makes it easy for customers to have a 360-degree view of their operations through a single, convenient dashboard.

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Site Visibility is a cloud-connected video management solution from Samsara that brings search features, smart detection tools, and proactive alerts to IP security cameras.

With this new solution, Samsara expands beyond commercial fleets and industrial operations to worksites and other areas of the supply chain, cementing its role as the leading connected operations platform. 

“The idea for Site Visibility came from our existing customers who saw how our platform helped their fleet operations leaders create more efficient routes, save fuel and coach their drivers to be safer on the road. They wanted similar visibility and insight into their warehouses as well,” said Aidan Madigan-Curtis, vice president and general manager, Samsara Site Visibility. “The unique operating challenges of 2020 really turbocharged this need as operations leaders required solutions that gave them real-time visibility into the safety and efficiency of their worksites without having to be there.” 

Recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that IoT could improve factory efficiency by up to 25%, while also improving worker safety. And that’s just the start. Transformative technology has the potential to drive improvement across operations -- from machine output and visibility, to enhancing workplace safety and proactively identifying security threats. Samsara developed Site Visibility with this in mind, so customers can: 

  • Remotely monitor all locations, from anywhere, with cloud-based technology
  • Gain actionable insights with AI-enhanced camera streams and intelligent search tools
  • Seamlessly integrate existing, 3rd-party camera infrastructure 
  • Connect operations and data across the business: production facilities, remote assets and equipment, fleets, end-customer services, and all work sites 

Ronnie Robertson, president of Logistics Warehouse, was looking to improve operational efficiencies. By setting up inactivity alerts -- custom alerts for areas, like production lines -- Robertson was able to decrease unplanned pauses and produce 45% more a day, increasing profit margins by 8%. “We’re already seeing major improvements in efficiency,” Robertson said. 

Investing in a security camera system can be a significant undertaking that requires significant effort and costly installation of new hardware. Site Visibility is designed to integrate with third-party camera solutions so customers don’t have to rip and replace existing infrastructure, saving significant cost and time. 

Samsara’s full stack solution includes a cloud network video recorder (NVR) and high resolution 5MP IP cameras. This gives customers the option to employ a hybrid camera system using Samsara’s AI to analyze footage from previously purchased cameras while deploying Samsara IP Site Cameras at newer locations.

With Site Visibility, Samsara makes it easy for customers to have a 360-degree view of their operations through a single, convenient dashboard. This end-to-end view streamlines workflow to prevent disruptive incidents, keep their workers safe and ensure high production quality for their goods and materials. 

Jim Terry, director of IT at Food Express: “We needed even more visibility into our operations. The Site Cameras complement our fleet tracking so we can better monitor our assets. We get complete visibility this way and can view everything from the Samsara dashboard.”

 If there is an incident at a worksite, it’s imperative to move quickly and take action. In those cases, scouring hours of video playback can be cumbersome and inefficient. Smarter insights mean you can take action faster, and Samsara’s AI technology is designed to do just that.

  • People detection: AI detects if people (or motion) are present in a stream. 
  • Activity search: AI-powered search enables comprehensive search parameters by date, time, people detected and more across all camera streams, to find the exact footage in question.
  • Stream search: Search for motion or people within a specific area of a camera stream to help answer questions like: “how was this piece of equipment damaged.” 

In addition to powering search, customers can set up custom alerts to receive proactive notifications when an incident occurs. For instance, detecting people or motion after hours, if people are detected in unsafe locations, inactivity on a machine line, or if a device goes offline. 

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