Air Treatment Solution Approved by EPA to Combat COVID-19
Air Treatment Solution Approved by EPA to Combat COVID-19

In response to the ongoing pandemic, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved a Section 18 Public Health Emergency Exemption for the use of Grignard Pure, an antimicrobial air treatment solution for the mass transit industry.

Administered through Luminator Technology Group’s (Luminator) Renew Air Treatment System, the solution will help protect passengers, operators, and other transit employees against the coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19.

When dispensed on board transit bus and rail vehicles, Grignard Pure goes through an adaptive system that measures and automatically adjusts the amount of the solution that is dispensed. The solution is expected to kill 98% of coronavirus particles in the air, where transmission is most likely.

The EPA’s Section 18 Emergency Exemption for Grignard Pure, which is effective for Georgia and Tennessee, applies to its use in approved indoor spaces, including transit buses and railcars, (occupied and unoccupied) when adherence to current public health guidelines is impractical or difficult to maintain. The EPA is expected to approve additional exemptions for more states in the coming weeks.

Learn more about Grignard Pure, including a full list of approved use sites and access to safety and efficacy reports.

Originally posted on Metro Magazine