-  Graphic: Dataforce

Graphic: Dataforce

Registrations for commercial vehicles in Spain increased year-over-year by 1% in November, though the entire segment is still down by 26.1% year-to-date for 2020, according to Dataforce.

When analyzing popular commercial vehicles, the best sold vehicles are the Renault Kangoo, the Fiat Ducato, and the Citroën Berlingo. The top ranked commercial vehicle brands are Renault, Ford, and Citroën, Dataforce found.

Meanwhile, the passenger car market decreased by 18.1% to 80,723 units in November and is down overall year-to-date by 35.2%. In 2020 the biggest passenger cars brands in Spain are Peugeot, SEAT and Volkswagen.

The best sold passenger vehicles so far include the SEAT Leon, the Dacia Sandero, and the Nissan Qashqai, according to Dataforce.

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