-  Photos: iStockphoto and Pixabay.

Photos: iStockphoto and Pixabay.

Articles covering 2021 industry forecasts, trends in fleet technology, and the pandemic attracted the most attention by readers on Automotive-Fleet.com this year. Several features also addressed overcoming spend challenges as a fleet manager in 2020.

  1. Fleet Policies & Procedures to Minimize COVID-19 Contagion 
  2. Enterprise Fleet Management’s Growth Strategy & Business Outlook 
  3. Forecast of Fuel Prices in 2021 
  4. How Fleet Management Companies are Addressing COVID-19 
  5. Post COVID-19 Fleet Initiatives to Focus on Cost Reduction & Utilization 
  6. How Telematics and Data are Changing Fleet 
  7. COVID-19 Creates Tax Headaches for Personal Use Charges in 2020 
  8. Most Commercial Fleet Orders for 2021 Models to be at Pre-Pandemic Levels 
  9. Trends in State-of-the-Art Fleet Technology 
  10. Fleet Managers Struggle to Cope with Data Overload 

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