Fleet vehicle transport company Transport Solutions of America (TSOA) is partnering with PuroClean to offer biohazard services and thorough cleanings to its customer’s vehicles.

TSOA partnered with PuroClean as part of its quest to identify a restoration and remediation partner with a broad network of franchise locations and state-of-the-art biohazard services, according to the company. 

“PuroClean stood out to us as a like-minded partner, well-equipped to serve our national client base with franchise locations in communities from coast to coast,” said Tim Williamson, founder and CEO of TSOA. 

TSOA transports a variety of assets, including service vehicles, cars, light-duty vehicles, heavily upfitted medium-duty/heavy-duty, and HAZMAT service vehicles.

“While cleaning has always been a top priority for businesses, COVID-19 has created a natural, heightened sense of understanding around how critical proper sanitization is, and the risks companies like PuroClean can help a business eliminate,” said Steve White, President and COO of PuroClean. 

PuroClean provides water damage remediation, flood water removal, fire and smoke damage remediation, mold removal, and biohazard cleanup to commercial and residential customers.

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