MiX Telematics Offers Customizable Driver Scoring

Image: MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics recently launched a customizable driver scoring solution that is available as a new module for fleets that subscribe to MiX Fleet Manager.

Depending on their operations, fleets decide what should be included in their scoring models and the MiX algorithms automatically generate the results within the system, enabling customers to select from numerous inputs: driver performance indicators, risky driving events, hours of service violations, and productivity metrics such as departure and arrival times.

“Operating in over 120 countries and across such a broad range of industries, the challenges our customers face are diverse and constantly evolving. With this new module, we are not only meeting those current needs but we are also innovating our platform to cater for future customer demands that we are already anticipating,” said Catherine Lewis, MiX Telematics’ executive vice president of technology.

The new scoring system gives fleet managers the ability to finetune their driver performance insights in accordance with their specific needs. The results can also be integrated with the MyMiX driver application.

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