-  Graphic: Dataforce

Graphic: Dataforce

Over 12,000 fleet vehicles were sold in Finland so far this year, though this is 2,200 less than what was reported in 2019, according to Dataforce.

The No. 1 fleet seller in the market has been the Skoda Octavia so far, while the Fiat Ducato came in second, according to Dataforce. After this, the third most popular was the Volvo V60.

The total market so far for the year is over 56,000, which is down 13,000 units, according to Dataforce.

Meanwhile, private sales decreased  by 19.4%, which represents around a 8,400 thousand vehicle drop. The most popular car amongst private buyers has been the Nissan Qashqai, followed by the Toyota Corolla Touring Sport, then the Skoda Octavia.

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