-  Image: McLeod Software

Image: McLeod Software

McLeod Software’s 20.2 versions of LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker software solutions have re-engineered their web access portals to improve customers’ internet presence to create a better experience for customers, carriers, and drivers.

From driver recruitment to customer and driver engagement, the updated portals give everyone an improved online experience, according to the company. When first applying, driver applicants fill out an application via the carrier’s website, after which a driver application record is created directly in LoadMaster, beginning the hiring process.

For customers, the new portal provides real-time access to all of their load information at any hour, any day of the week. Customers are provided assigned logins, giving them secure access to their orders, as well as delivered and in-transit shipments, with a variety of display options. Map views are also available on orders displaying plotted mobile comm positions or positions from call-in records.

Drivers also get a secure login for instant access to their settlement and pay information, as well as immediate access to the available matched loads that fit their choices in a predefined profile. Carriers can then match drivers with the loads they want to haul and let them choose the load that best fits.

The PowerBroker Carrier Portal gives carriers access to loads that have been offered and current load information, with flexible search options. Carriers have secure access to their available and delivered loads to provide tracking, trip documents, and call-in information. 

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