AngelTrax System Automates Driver Scoring, Training

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Mobile video safety/security provider AngelTrax has launched a new driver safety system that includes automatic driver scoring, direct driver coaching, and up to seven camera views.

The Vulcan Series CoPilot System features a dual-view HD 1080P windshield camera plus four additional HD 1080P channels and one IP 1080P channel, giving up to seven views of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The new system gives fleets not only a view of the driver and cab, but also the driver’s windshield view and optional views from the exterior facing forward, out, and backward, as well as an overview of the coupling/decoupling operation.

The system can store up to 1TB of data and can automatically upload video clips for review and driver action data for scoring, which is calculated in real time, with scores available to supervisors via an online portal.  

“We evaluate every second of the trip. At the beginning of each month, each driver starts with a score of zero. Like golf, the lower the score, the better. So let’s Drive to Zero,” said AngelTrax President and CEO Richie Howard.

The Direct to Driver Coaching option gives fleets the ability to automate driver training by setting up direct notifications for drivers on what they need to do to improve their driving habits. The scoring, which is done by a machine, allows for a more accurate and fair comparison of drivers for rankings by excluding the human element, according to AngelTrax.

“Though we review thousands of videos, we do not have to see them to know how you drive,” explained Howard. “From our unique scoring algorithms and video reviews, we are able to perform direct coaching to the driver to help assist him or her in becoming a safer driver.”

All downloaded video clips are reviewed by AngelTrax video experts, and clips that require immediate action by the client are instantly elevated to the client under the “Alert” tab on the online portal. The fleet can then review the clips along with any comments from the reviewer or AngelTrax supervisor.

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