Mercedes-Benz Adds Pre-Collision Safety Tech to S-Class

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has introduced new smart safety technologies for the S-Class that can help reduce the impact of collisions against the vehicle.

The automaker’s Pre-Safe Impulse Side system can guide the body of the vehicle to be raised just before a side impact with the assistance of a new E-Active Body Control suspension, which responds predictively to different driving situations and regulates the damping and spring forces individually at each wheel, and can help counter body rolls, according to the automaker. The Body Control tech enable the Pre-Safe function when a lateral collision is detected.

Side-mounted radar sensors can recognize and track a potential side crash at an early stage, and the E-Active Body Control suspension raises the body upwards by up to three inches, Mercedes-Benz said. This reduces the loads on the door structures, as the door sill can absorb more of the load thanks to its higher position. As a result, deformation of the passenger cell and the loads acting on the occupants can be reduced.

Also new is an optional new rear airbag for the two passengers on the outer rear seats of the S-Class and is designed to greatly reduce the loads acting on the heads and necks of the outer rear passengers.

Other available safety technologies are active blind spot assist, active parking assist, and a parking package with a full 360-degree camera as standard.

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