The new triggers are an extension of Lytx’s existing MV+AI road-view triggers launched in 2015:...

The new triggers are an extension of Lytx’s existing MV+AI road-view triggers launched in 2015: rolling stop, lane departure, following distance, and critical distance.

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Lytx’s machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI)-powered technology has helped fleets identify risky driving behaviors, according to new data revealed by the company.

Lytx MV+AI is designed to help fleets identify and correct risk in real-time, both inside and outside of the vehicle. Areas it has helped customers identify include:

  • No seat belt — identified 397% more
  • Unsafe following distance — identified 332% more
  • Incomplete stop – identified 243% more
  • Food or drink — identified 173% more
  • Failure to stop — identified 188% more
  • Handheld device — identified 133% more

Lytx calculates that 35% of all near collisions captured by its devices involve one or more of these behaviors. 

The company first released MV+AI in 2015 to help fleets identify risky driving behavior like unsafe following distance, according to Lytx. The most recent enhancements, launched this past February, include inside-view triggers, like cell phone use, to help solve the epidemic of distracted driving.

Since launching its inside view triggers in February 2020, over 1,500 more fleets have deployed the company's MV+AI-backed driver safety solution, actively and accurately detecting high-risk behaviors among their drivers in real-time, Lytx said.

Lytx’s technology database grows by more than 140,000 new driving events each day, which helps grow its algorithms. This data is incorporated into a system that is able to deliver greater than 95% accuracy across 60 behaviors, according to the company.

A new Lytx customer seeing benefits with this technology includes Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical, which has a fleet of light-duty vehicles, including vans and pick-up trucks. Abacus has been able to evaluate its business from multiple angles and consider how to prioritize productivity and safety while maintaining top-notch customer service.

“With so much data powering Lytx's technology, we initially saw a major rise in the numbers of risky driving events. Lytx MV+AI was identifying risk inside the cab that we just weren't seeing before," said Steve Darbonne, occupational health and safety manager at Abacus. Now, we're experiencing significant reductions in those behaviors, as we use that awareness to show our drivers the prevalence and risk of distracted habits, while in-cab audible alerts notify them of dangerous activities as they happen so they can self-correct."

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