The EV ARC can survive flooding to over nine feet.

The EV ARC can survive flooding to over nine feet.

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Envision Solar International announced June 16 its flood-proof EV ARC product is now patent pending through U.S. Patent Application No. 16/898,097.

The device can now withstand an inundation of over nine feet without suffering damage or ceasing to operate. Transportable, but permanent, and deployed without construction or connections to the utility grid, the EV ARC 2020 is a solution for the Gulf Coast, Florida Panhandle, East Coast, and any other environment where the potential for flooding exists and electrical infrastructure is required.

The EV ARC product family provides a source of power for EV charging and emergency preparedness in locations where it is too expensive, too impactful, or simply impossible to extend the utility grid. Because EV ARC products generate and store all their own electricity, they are also ideal EV charging and emergency power solutions during grid failures such as blackouts and brownouts.

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