<p>It's not every day you see a Tesla being sold on limoforsale.com. (Photo: limoforsale.com)</p> DAVIE, Fla. — With the Tesla Models 3 and S sedans are gaining traction in and out of the chauffeured transportation industry, the Model X complements those models with its roomy crossover frame and styling. This used 2016 Tesla Model X CUV now available on limoforsale.com for $68,000 at 28,000 miles would be a good starter for anyone interested in running an all-electric luxury CUV.


<p>The interior looks plush and luxurious. (Photo: limoforsale.com)</p> The vehicle can seat up to five passengers and has amenities like wireless Internet, touch screen entertainment, and reclining leather seats. Chauffeurs will be happy with the GPS navigation, cooled/heated power seats, auto-dimming/heated power mirrors, and remote start ignition.

The seller says, "The vehicle is in excellent condition. It was intended to be used for business, but did not work out and was passed on to my wife." It was privately owned and has a 10/10 rating for mechanical and interior condition, and a nine out of 10 exterior condition rating.

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