ALK Technologies, developers of PC*Miler Solutions, and LLamasoft, provider of supply chain network design software, announced an alliance aimed at providing enhanced supply chain network design and analysis solutions.

PC*Miler has now been fully integrated into LLamasoft's Supply Chain Guru. The alliance with ALK gives the network user community an industry-accepted means to accurately calculate freight miles for all global regions, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Additionally, PC*Miler provides everything from dock-to-dock driving directions over truck-specific routes to optimal routes for hazardous materials.

"As fuel costs continue to rise, our users are requiring more precision in their freight routing and optimization models" stated Toby Brzoznowski, LLamasoft vice president of sales. "We are also seeing a continued focus on globalization and low-cost country sourcing, so our integration with the PC*Miler product line gives our users a new and necessary level of detail for global freight analysis."

"ALK is very pleased to integrate with LLamasoft's Supply Chain Guru. This partnership brings the proven capabilities of PC*Miler into the logistics planning process to help foresee problems and save valuable investment resources before a single shipment is made -- just as it circumnavigates problems and saves resources for so many actual shipments everyday, around the world," said Roy Schijns, vice president for PC*Miler Solutions.

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Originally posted on Trucking Info