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Photo via Creating a Recipe for Safe Driving
An average of 21 percent of fleet vehicles are involved in some form of crash each year. So, how can fleet managers implement their own recipe for safe driving an improve safety while lowering costs associated with accidents.
Photo via How to Drive Safely on Winding Roads
Along with slowing down, there are a number of other steps drivers can take to navigate curves cautiously and arrive safely at their end destination.
Fuel-card related fraud results in millions of dollars lost each year for the fleet industry. Photo courtesy of Shell. How to Help Drivers Win the Fight Against Fraud
With the world's reliance on cashless transactions growing every year, now is the time for fleet operators to get ahead in the race against fuel card payment fraud.
About 14 percent of all vehicle collisions that result in damage occur in parking lotsm according to the Insurance Institue for Highway Safety (IIHS). Photo via How to Avoid Parking Lot Crashes
Although the increased prevalence of rear-view cameras in vehicles has made it easier to safely back out of parking spaces, there are a number of low-tech tools and techniques drivers should also use to prevent collisions in parking lots.
Photo courtesy of NHTSA. How to Avoid Theft and Break-Ins
Fleet vehicles can be attractive targets for thieves. The good news is that some preparation and common-sense techniques can go a long way in deterring vehicle thefts and break-ins.

Safety News

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Fleet Safety Video Tip: Dealing With Sun Glare
The shift to Daylight Savings Time, along with the presence of highly reflective snow and ice, can make sun glare a major driving hazard this time of year. Here are some tips on how to mitigate the risks.
Photo courtesy of Volvo.
Volvo Developing Connected Car Cloud
Volvo Cars is developing "connected car" technology that would allow the automaker to capture road status data that's sent by cars to a cloud server and shared with other drivers and local authorities.
Photo of Hyundai Elantra courtesy of Hyundai.
Hyundai Recalls Elantras for Steering
The action affects more than 204,000 sedans and hatchbacks in the 2008-2010 model years.
Photo of Chevrolet Impala courtesy of General Motors.
Chevrolet Impalas Recalled for Fire Risk
The action affects 1,177 2014 model-year vehicles manufactured from Nov. 15, 2012, to May 27, 2014.
Photo of Dodge Durango courtesy of FCA US.
Dodge Durangos Recalled for Engine Failure
The global recall affects more than 467,000 vehicles, including certain Dodge Durangos and Jeep Grand Cherokees.
Photo of Kia Sorento courtesy of Kia Motors.
Kia Recalls Sorento for Accelerator
The action affects more than 12,000 SUVs in the 2016 model year.
Photo of 2014 Cadillac ATS courtesy of GM.
Cadillac ATS Recalled for Sunroof Panel Switches
Dealers will replace the sunroof console accessory-switch trim plate on 2013-2015 models.
Graphic courtesy of GHSA.
Report: U.S. Pedestrian Fatalities Remain High
A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association finds that 2,125 pedestrians were killed in the first half of 2014 – essentially unchanged when compared with the 2,141 pedestrian fatalities during the same period in 2013.
Video: Nissan Sentra Earns Top Safety Pick Award
To qualify for the honor, the 2015 model shows marked improvement in the IIHS small overlap front crash test.
CEI Group Names Midwest Sales Manager
The CEI Group, Inc. (CEI), a provider of automotive fleet accident, safety and risk management services, has appointed Sean O'Malley as Midwest regional sales manager.


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Driver Alertness Detection System The InterCore Driver Alertness Detection System is a cloud based service that monitors driver alertness in real time using a camera linked to a smartphone. View more info
LED Latch Kiekert AG, a manufacturer of automotive locking systems, has developed a LED latch to unite the safety and security issues of “locking systems” and “light” within one door latch. View more info
STL68 Combo LED Lamp The nine-inch oval combination LED stop, tail, turn and backup lamp easily mounts to the surface of a vehicle and at only half an inch thick, has the low profile of a through-hole-mounted lamp. View more info
PH4 In-Vehicle Camera System Planet Halo, Inc. introduces its PH4 in-vehicle surveillance system that can capture high-resolution recordings of activity in a vehicle. F View more info
Elgin rear view camera Mobile Camera System ELGIN, IL - The multi-camera system, which includes both mirror and rear-view camera kits, provides sweeper operators with expanded visibility to the main and side brooms - as well as to the rear of the sweeper - for improved performance. View more info

Research and Best Practices

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Distracted Driving Whitepaper – Understanding Your Fleet’s Risk and Liability

This 14 page whitepaper examines the deadly practice of driving while using a mobile device and the impact such behavior can have on a fleet’s liability. It also addresses innovative solutions that are being developed in response to the growing problem.

Driver Care Safety Articles

Don't Drive "Intexticated"
August 5, 2011 was a bright and sunny day in Grey Summit, Missouri. Two busloads of high school band members were on Interstate 44, on their way to the band's annual trip to a regional amusement park. Ahead of them was a 19-year-old man driving a silver pickup truck, who was behind a truck tractor without a trailer that was slowing down because of highway construction...
When Vehicles Block Your View
Tips on seeing around and through trucks, SUVs and sedans. Vision provides 85 to 90 percent of the information you need to be a safe driver, so having your view blocked by a large or tall vehicle is one of the biggest frustrations a driver can have. Now that there are so many more SUVs and pickup trucks on the road, it's an increasingly common problem.
When Vehicles Block Your View
Tips on seeing around and through trucks, SUVs and sedans. Vision provides 85 to 90 percent of the information you need to be a safe driver, so having your view blocked by a large or tall vehicle is one of the biggest frustrations a driver can have. Now that there are so many more SUVs and pickup trucks on the road, it's an increasingly common problem.
Backing Up is Hard to Do
We can make light of them, but the sad fact, is that backing accidents are annoyingly common, and fatalities are not unknown. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA) estimates there are 500,000 backing accidents in the U.S. every year, resulting in more than 50,000 injuries and nearly 200 fatalities. Even when no one’s injured, repairs can be expensive and keep you off the road.
Three Myths About Passing
What you believe may be wrong. Almost everybody knows the basic laws and safety rules of passing: watch out for oncoming traffic, don’t cross double yellow lines, and don’t cut in front of the vehicle you just passed.
How Speeding Affects Accident Impact
Researchers at Purdue University say the majority of drivers have no problem going 5, 10 or even 20 mph over the speed limit and see no risk doing so.
Know Your Stopping Distance!
What a one-second advantage can mean to you. Everybody wants the gift of more time, but how valuable could just one measly, crummy second be to you? When it comes to using your brakes on the highway, it could mean – well, a whole lot more than you might imagine.
Walkers Don't Wear Airbags
Take extra precautions for people on a stroll. Springtime brings more than flowers, singing birds and warmer weather. It also brings out more pedestrians -- walkers, joggers and kids playing outdoors – and so more occasions to challenge drivers’ safety sense.
Beyond 'Click It or Ticket'
Don’t forget the real reasons for buckling up. More people than ever are using their seatbelts, so it’s safe to say that the memorable advertising slogan “Click It or Ticket” is working. But don’t let the slogan’s success overshadow the real reasons for wearing your seatbelt.
Directions for Disaster
Using navigation systems with due caution. Global Positioning System navigation devices – “GPS” for short -- may well be one of the greatest automotive inventions since the internal combustion engine, but drivers be warned: they’re not infallible and can even contribute to a collision if you don’t use them with care.

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