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What Do Today’s Fleet Professionals Think of GPS Tracking Technology?

By Verizon Networkfleet

More than 1,100 business owners, fleet operators, and general managers participated in a recent survey regarding their biggest fleet management challenges – and how they use technology to solve them.

  • See significant findings on areas such as:
  • Who uses GPS fleet management?
  • Are they satisfied with telematics technology?
  • Where are fleets using telematics?
  • Why do some fleets not use GPS technology?
  • What are the primary benefits of GPS fleet management?
  • What areas can you save with a fleet management system?
  • What are the toughest fleet management challenges?
  • Do telematics solutions pay off?
  • And more.

Put these findings in action for you now! Learn what business owners, fleet operators, and general managers are already experiencing and see if a telematics solution works for you.  Read all of the 10-page results now.

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