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ALD|Wheels Alliance: Leveraging Local Excellence to Achieve Global Success

May 2017, by Norman Din

ALD|Wheels Alliance Global Reporting Tool is cloud-based and helps clients manage global fleet whether company-owned or leased from multiple partners.
ALD|Wheels Alliance Global Reporting Tool is cloud-based and helps clients manage global fleet whether company-owned or leased from multiple partners.

Global organizations require seamless support of global fleet processes to advance their effectiveness. As experienced process managers have learned time and again, global success isn’t achieved by doing the same things everywhere.

Success is achieved by doing the right things, in the best way, everywhere.

Different business practices, legal/compliance requirements and taxation schemes demand local excellence as a part of a global strategy.  ALD|Wheels Alliance employs a strategy that leverages best in class solutions and analytical rigor to deliver value to their global clients.

Innovation: Focused and Distributed

Immersion accelerates innovation. Silicon Valley is an example of how communities reinforce skillsets; and locating centers of innovation where needs are experienced can help enrich and broaden ideas.

The ALD|Wheels Alliance has strategically adopted a similar distributed approach to their innovation efforts. For example, in Italy, ALD’s “pay-as-you-go” solutions are being developed to increase flexibility, lower costs and reduce carbon emissions.

In the Netherlands, their Mobility Experience Centre is driving initiatives to address mobility needs. And in North America, Wheels has built an impressive track record of ground-breaking fleet offerings to improve the driver and client experiences. This distributed innovation strategy helps teams focus on key user needs and experiences that cannot be replicated remotely – and reduces the likelihood of competing priorities.

Mobility: Geocentric, Driver-centric Approaches

Ask five fleet professionals what mobility means and you’ll likely get five different answers. But ask all five if mobility is important and you’ll likely get a universal, “yes!” That’s because the definitions of mobility are largely driven by local needs and opportunities. Mobility solutions must center on both the geography and the driver. 

For example, within highly congested, dense, urban areas with accessible public transportation and rail, the ALD|Wheels Alliance offers solutions that include sharing and ‘multi-modal’ alternatives. And in the expansive geography of the U.S., Wheels has developed a mobility solution for drivers who are reimbursed for use of their personal vehicles for company business, and includes maintenance, risk mitigation and cost controls typically reserved for company-provided vehicle programs. Fitting the geography and the driver preferences requires local expertise combined with global vision.

Coverage: More Than Geography

Clearly, global fleets need coverage. And with 54 countries and counting, the ALD|Wheels Alliance offers the broadest geographic footprint in the industry. But to this Alliance, coverage means more than countries. It includes effective management of local/regional fleet ecosystems that vary widely in maturity, capability and stability.

For example, while their geographic coverage of Latin America is without rival, it is their local insights into the strengths and challenges of the various fleet supply chain participants in the area that adds value and helps serve their clients’ best interests.

Even within mature fleet markets like North America and Western Europe, the industry will see dramatic changes in fleet ecosystems as we shift to a connected world.  The ALD|Wheels Alliance strategy includes a continual assessment of local ecosystems to align and to leverage their capabilities to provide coverage for their clients.

Control: Seeing a Big Picture

Many companies have a mixture of owned and leased vehicles with numerous partners. The ALD|Wheels Alliance has recently updated their reporting tools to allow client-based management of client-managed data for company-owned and lessor-owned vehicles. Their tool accepts vehicle-level inventory data while incorporating sanitized aggregate-level spend data (by period/geography/organization) to respect confidentiality obligations.

Global Value from the Bottom Up

ALD|Wheels Alliance leverages best in class solutions to deliver global scale and value. For more information, contact Norman Din at [email protected] or Jeremy Cleary at [email protected]

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