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Level III Data: A Fleet Manager's Fundamental Tool

By WEX Inc.

Level III data is enhanced fuel purchase transaction detail that helps fleet managers identify not just the “where” and the “when” behind a purchase, but also the “who,” “what,” and “how.” It’s a tool that can help fleets run more smoothly and cost-efficiently by pinpointing problem areas before they spin out of control. Without Level III data, fleet managers would need to manually audit statements to discover potential problems.

In this paper, we explore how Level III data capture enables managers to more effectively administer their fleets, including:

  1. How Level III data goes beyond what corporate credit cards offer
  2. Examples of how Level III-only purchasing controls prevent fuel card fraud and misuse
  3. How Level III helps government agencies and non-profits identify taxes for exemption
  4. How enhanced data can streamline operations and reduce costs

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